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Sports betting giants count on sexual images and mate ship to normalize gambling

Sports betting agencies are embracing comparable marketing methods used by the effective tobacco lobby to convince individuals that online gambling is an intrinsic part of Australian culture, new research suggests.

As the Turnbull government prepares to reveal reforms to punish foreign bookies, a research has found that betting giants are increasingly using gender stereotypes, fan routines and images of mate ship to “normalize” online betting through extremely targeted advertisements.

“The same playbook that we saw in tobacco and alcohol is taking place once again,” stated Samantha Thomas, a public health scholastic at Deakin University, which led the research study.

“It’s being illustrated in advertising as though it’s part of Aussie culture this concept that if you’re a real Aussie chap, you go to the bar, you hang with your mates, you view your sport and now you likewise gamble on sport. We must all be smarter about the way these companies look for to normalize their product.”

The study analyzed 85 ads from 11 local and global gambling businesses, consisting of Ladbrokes, Sportsbet, William Hill, Bet365 and Crownbet.

It discovered that over three quarters of advertisements utilized images connecting to sports fan routines (such as images of fans cheering for their groups at arenas or while enjoying TV); about half contained signs of mate ship (such as gambling being something you finish with your good friends at the pub); and about a quarter objectified women (who frequently appeared in the advertisements playing a subservient service role to men).

One Sportsbet advertisement for instance, explained the bikini as “among male’s greatest creations” while a guy poked the breast of a woman in her bathers as she sat by a pool. In another advertisement by Betfair, a James Bond-type character in a suit played table tennis with a woman wearing a swimsuit while the voiceover states: “When you have power, you can do exactly what you desire. With whoever you want, whenever you desire, anywhere you want, as many different methods as you desire.”

The research discovered 10 main kinds of “appeal strategies” were used by betting companies to market sports wagering, consisting of sexual imagery; thrill and risk; sports fan behaviors; mate ship; winning; social status; experience; patriotism; joy; and power and control.

Specialists say the advertisements need to serve as a cautionary tale, especially in the lead up to the Olympics, which Associate Professor Thomas alerted, could end up being “one of the biggest betting events the world has actually ever seen”.

The research is most likely to contribute to issues about cashed up bookies pumping millions of dollars into marketing and business sponsorship in the hope of protecting a bigger grip in the lucrative sports betting market.

However, Sportsbet chief financial policeman Ben Sleep said he “unconditionally rejects any comparison of our company to those of tobacco companies.”

“It has been shown that each cigarette does you harm whereas it is just a very little percentage of consumers who are at danger of establishing an issue with wagering. Sportsbet is continuously establishing world’s finest practice damage minimization steps and strategies to assist consumers enjoy our product safely,” Mr. Sleep stated.

Requirement Media Index figures show that in the very first two months of this year, the gambling industry had actually spent $27.3 million on advertising. And as The Age reported on Saturday, football fans have actually been bombarded with advertisements since the AFL season opened last week, with more than one in 6 ads promoting gambling during round one.

A spokesperson for the Australian Wagering Council, which represents the sports betting industry, stated the advertisements informed customers of the identity of certified Australian-based providers so they could take part in “extremely controlled and customer secured” betting, while avoiding the risks of unlawful overseas operators.

“AWC members recognize neighborhood concern in relation to wagering advertising and agree that advertising must always conform to accepted social standards, and not promote hazardous behavior,” the representative stated.

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